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Super Phos 30 Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse! 4 Oz Bottle!
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Super Phos 30 Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse! 4 Oz Bottle!



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Super Phos 30TM by DEWSTM is a natural Liver and Gallbladder Cleanser. Super Phos 30TM works to cleanse the liver and gallbladder and helps to eliminate existing gallstones. Super Phos 30TM uses ortho-phosphoric acid to help remove calcium and lipids from arteries. The ortho-phosphoric acid works with malic acid found in apple juice (taken as a part of the cleansing process) to dissolve and soften existing gallstones in the gallbladder. Super Phos 30TM also utilizes Inositol which aids in the breakdown of fats and reduction of blood cholesterol, and Choline, an organic compound classified as an essential nutrient typically grouped within the Vitamin B complex.


Dr. Endorsed! You Will Excrete Existing Gallstones! Supports 4+ Cleanses!

Works to Cleanse the Liver and Gallbladder!

Many Doctors Believe that Cleansing Your Digestive Tract is the Key to Optimal Health!

Helps to Eliminate Any Existing Gallstones!

You Can Actually See Gallstones Released From Your Body!

Product Details:
Package Length: 6.5 inches
Package Width: 2.2 inches
Package Height: 2.1 inches
Package Weight: 0.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 45 reviews
Label Information:
Ingredients: Purified Water, Orthophosphoric Acid, Inositol and Choline Bitartrate. Orthophosphoric Acid is a food-grade mineral (inorganic) acid. Inositol is classified as a member of the vitamin B complex (often referred to as vitamin B8), and is synthesized by the human body. It is found in many foods including nuts, beans, and fruit, especially cantaloupe, melons, and oranges. Choline is an organic compound, classified as an essential nutrient and usually grouped within the Vitamin B complex. Sources of Choline include liver, muscle meats, beans, peas, and eggs.
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 45 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

109 of 117 found the following review helpful:

5Gallbladder/Liver Cleanse...easy as 1..2..3Oct 11, 2009
By S. Liba Jacobs "BSN, RN Wellness Advocate"
My colonic therapist told me about this effective gallbladder/liver cleanse. It worked perfectly as she said it would and so easy to complete. I was especially interested in the efficacy of this cleanse as I am a practiciing RN who has recovered hundreds of patients who have undergone laproscopic or open cholecystectomy...all necessitating the unwanted experience and sacrifice caused by pain, time in the hospital, huge expense and potential for serious complication. No surgery is without the risk of anesthesia and surgical complication which could potentially be fatal. So why doesn't the medical community promote this simple cheap effective way to keep our gallbladder's free of stones which leads to healthy cholesterol levels and general wellbeing???? It's all about greed. Surgery pays the hospitals and doctors very well. High cholesterol keeps the pharmaceutical companies in business....Statins (Lipitor, Crestor etc.) are probably the #2 money makers in this country and the most deleterious to your health. So, buy some Superphos 30 liver flush today (the big bottle) because you should do this flush quarterly. And don't for a minute think you don't have gallstones. Today, with the American diet being what it is...nutrient devoid and genetically engineered....everyone has gallstones and is at serious risk of eventual complicating disease. The health of your alimentary tract is critical as that is where all nutrients and toxins are exchanged, so you need to keep that system in tip top shape. So learn and act on taking control and maintaining your health. You are your own best care giver. Very few American doctors today understand or are willing to learn what the body needs to take care of itself. So please pay it forward and tell someone about this cleanse today, including your Doctor. Help them transition into taking an active role in learning and educating their patients in simple natural proven and effective healthy healing. Look forward to reading your comments after you do this simple gallbladder/liver cleanse. Ps...the stones are bright green, all shapes and sizes and float. I excreted about 20 stones...and look forward to my next cleanse. There are other formula's, however, I found this one to be so simple, I didn't look further. Also, you can replace the Classic Coke with Grapefruit juice if you are adverse to drinking soda...if not, this is a good time to consider transitioning out of that toxic habit. Liba Jacobs, BSN, RN

35 of 37 found the following review helpful:

5THE REAL DEAL!Aug 21, 2010
By customer
I am so thankful for finding this product. Six months ago I discovered that my chest pain was actually a result of my gallbladder.(And I'm still in my 20's!)People recommend surgery as though the gallbladder is a useless organ.On the third day of using this product, as well as a laxative, I finally saw the pain and flushed it. I can finally work without feeling like I'm going to have a heart-attack. I am so relieved and would highly recommend this product!

25 of 26 found the following review helpful:

5Dissolving Calcium DepositsMay 19, 2012
By VSmith "Ross2"
I purchased this product to use prior to completing a liver flush. It was very effective in helping to pass stones. An added benefit is that it dissolved the the calcium deposits in my neck and spine. Pain that I have had for several years in my neck and back is now gone and I have improved flexibility in both my neck and back. Excellent product. I plan to use it twice a year for liver flushes and to dissolve calcium deposits.

31 of 34 found the following review helpful:

5Highly Recommend SUPER PHOS 30 for Gallbladder/Liver CleanseJul 23, 2012
By Tylersmom
I learned about SUPER PHOS 30 in the "21 Pounds in 21 Days" The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox book. This is my 3rd day drinking SUPER PHOS 30 mixed in organic apple juice and I didn't think it was really working and didn't expect to actually see green pea-shaped stones but now I'm a believer, it's exactly as described...green, various shapes, with soft to moderately firm texture. I did have results from drinking only 3 ounces of fresh-squeezed lemon juice mixed with 3 ounces of cold-pressed olive oil [and drank quickly out of a straw to minimize the taste]. I have to share that at the time of my doctor's exam, I showed my detox book and asked about the Gallbladder/Liver flush and to my surprise, was told in disgust to trash the book. Sadly, these medical doctors are only taught to cut limbs and prescribe medication which is a money making business. Kudos to Liba RN for taking the time to share, explain and write the review in great detail... it's all about the $MONEY$. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SUPER PHOS 30.

40 of 46 found the following review helpful:

5Essential for best results doing a liver cleanseNov 20, 2011
By S. James Cook
I've done approximately a dozen liver cleanses, following "Hulda Clark Protocol" over the last two years. I just recently did my first cleanse adding Super Phos 30 to the routine. I removed more stones using the Super Phos 30, than in my five previous best cleanses combined. I am not exaggerating, and I did nothing else different in my routine. I won't do another liver cleanse without Super Phos 30.

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